Turning Teen was created by two pediatricians to start the conversation
with girls (ages 8-14) and their mothers about puberty.

turning-teen-mother-daughter-conversation-about-puberty-sexHelping Moms Talk about Puberty

Worried about surviving puberty for the SECOND time? Do you want to help your daughter learn about her body so she can feel good about herself?  Learn from experts (doctor moms!) the best way to talk about these sensitive subjects.
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Hey Girls – Let’s Learn About Our Bodies

Feeling good about your body starts with understanding it. Learn about your changing body with the security of your mom sitting right next to you. We create a safe and fun environment to talk about it.
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We have lots of different times available for workshops. Join a scheduled workshop or create your own!  Check our “Where and When You Can Join Us” page for details on registration. 

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Turning Teen Programs

turning-teen-austin-workshop-puberty-girlsBody Basics

Intro Program for Mom’s & Daughters

turning-teen-tween-learning-about-sex-austinBeing My Best Self

For Girls Who Have Entered Puberty

turning-teen-mother-daughter-class-puberty-sexSo That’s How “It” Works!

Anatomy, Reproduction & Childbirth

programs-greenJust For Parents 

Surviving Puberty a Second Time

Start the Conversation

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