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Bonding with Your Tween over School Break


Some ideas on how to bond with your tween over School Vacation …

  1. Exercise together – this can give you talking time and accomplish something healthy all at the same time.
  2. Do a Puzzle or Play a  Board Game together – great time to talk  while not staring at each other!
  3. Pop some popcorn, plop on the couch, and just relax with a movie!
  4. Volunteer together – doing something meaningful together can be a great bonding experience.
  5. Cook dinner together as a family. It won’t hurt to turn up the music and dance together in the kitchen too!
  6. Pull out that Baby Book (or whatever pages you have of their Baby Book if you haven’t exactly kept up with theirs like me!)
  7. Treat them to a special outing with just you: a manicure, a yoga class, a trip to their favorite store or restaurant.
  8. Relax and enjoy the holidays together!

Happy holidays from Turning Teen!

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