This time is different. This time you’re on the other side. What you say matters to your child. So why do we all get stuck when it comes to starting the conversation about puberty and sex with our children?

The answer is simple: Because it’s awkward.

Parents don’t have much practice talking about this topic. WE DO. So many well intentioned parents fumble this conversation; fearing they will say the wrong thing, they say nothing at all. We want to turn that around.

We are here to help you guide your son/daughter through puberty by starting the conversation early about our bodies, how they change and how they work.


Puberty is a great opportunity for growth of your relationship with your child. We think the best person to help guide your child through puberty is YOU, because you are the expert on your child and your family values. We all want to raise young adults that respect their bodies. The first step to achieve this is to understand how our bodies work. Start this journey with us for a solid foundation of knowledge to build on.

Studies show that children actually want to learn about intimate subjects like puberty and sex from the people that care about them the most. Consider this:

  • Most youth say their sexual health and decision making is influenced by their parents
  • A large majority of teens believe that increased parental communication would help them make healthy choices
  • About half of teens report that they have never talked with their parents about sexual decision making
  • ⅓ of young teens report that they want more information about sexual health from their parents

{Statistics taken from the National Coalition on Sexual Health}

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