Turning Teen starts the conversation about puberty and sexual health with pediatrician-developed educational programs in classrooms, community settings, or at home.

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Our interactive programs offer age-appropriate, medically accurate information that a child will relate to and remember. They’re fun, too!

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  NEW! Check out our Body Image class for boys & girls AND our Menopause workshop for women.

“Loved the program! the content was age appropriate and there was a very positive energy around all the topics. It was just interactive enough and I think was a great introduction to puberty. We will definitely be signing up for other programs. Thank you!”

“The information was presented in a perfect manner. The doctor was straightforward and presented it in a professional way that pre-teens could understand. My child was engaged and we both learned a lot. Keep up the great work! Highly recommend!!”

“I’m so grateful for the Turning Teen programs. This has opened a line of communication between my child and myself that I did not have with my mom. Puberty has become a relatively comfortable topic of conversation in our house thanks to you!”

Starting the Conversation About Puberty

Schools only spend only a few hours in an academic year talking about puberty and sex. An appointment with a pediatrician is too short for a comprehensive discussion of these subjects. Parents and guardians might never speak about the topics, because they don’t know the “right” thing to say.

Turning Teen starts the conversation. Our workshops and classes engage tweens in learning about their bodies with trusted adults at their side. Turning Teen keeps conversations going, giving trusted adults resources and suggestions to use at home.

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We Wrote a Book!

Dr. Carrie and Dr. Lisa teamed up to write the ultimate puberty book for preteen and teen girls: Celebrate Your Body 2. Get your copy today!