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Turning Teen provides educational programs created by two pediatricians to start the conversation with parents and children about their bodies.

turning-teen-mother-daughter-conversation-about-puberty-sexHelping Parents Talk about Puberty

Worried about surviving puberty for the SECOND time? Learn from experts (doctor moms!) the best way to talk about sensitive subjects.

Parents: click here to learn more

Hey Kids (You…yes YOU!) Let’s Learn About Our Bodies

Feeling good about your body starts with understanding it. Learn about your changing body with the security of your parent sitting right next to you. Don’t worry…this is nothing like a class at school!
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There are lots of different workshops available.  Click on the REGISTER button below for dates and times.

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Turning Teen Programs

turning-teen-austin-workshop-puberty-girlsBody Basics for Girls

For Girls ages 8+ and a Parent to learn about puberty

turning-teen-tween-learning-about-sex-austinBeing My Best Self for Girls

For Girls ages 10+ and a Parent to learn how to care for her changing body

turning-teen-mother-daughter-class-puberty-sexBody Basics for Boys (B3)

For Boys ages 10+ and a Parent to learn about puberty

programs-greenSurviving Puberty a Second Time

A Program Just For Parents

Start the Conversation

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