Programs for Schools

Programs for Schools

Turning Teen for Schools was born out of the recognition that private elementary and middle schools need a reliable resource to educate students about puberty and sexual health. While teachers are incredibly skilled, they may not feel comfortable, have the know-how, or even want to provide current expertise and guidance in sexual health in today’s ever-changing landscape.

Turning Teen bridges that gap, working with you every step of the way:

  • Your team teaches us the unique needs of your school community.
  • We tailor our well-vetted programs to your school community’s needs.
  • Parents receive comprehensive information about your school’s Turning Teen program so they know what their children will experience.
  • Students participate in engaging and informative sessions, receiving accurate, age-appropriate and comprehensive sexual health education.
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Turning Teen is a resource for schools that want the most comprehensive, up-to-date puberty and sexual health curriculum taught by qualified experts in the field.


Turning Teen starts the conversation about puberty and sexual health with pediatrician-developed educational programs in classrooms, community settings, or at home.


A minimum of 2 workshops must be booked per day for locations that require substantial travel. For schools requiring air travel, travel and lodging expenses are covered by the school. Additional preparation fees may apply. For more complete pricing information please contact us.


Each school program is presented by a physician specialized in talking to children about puberty, sexual health and body safety. Classes can be held during school hours or after school. The interactive programs work best in an auditorium or a classroom with media capabilities. Each program ends with an anonymous question and answer session. An unlimited amount of students may attend. It is highly recommended to have a parent-only program the evening before the student programs to introduce Turning Teen programming and educate the parent community.

Materials about the program and resources and books can be provided to school in advance. The Turning Teen team will meet with school personnel to prepare a customized program schedule to meet their school needs.

Sexual Health Education Workshops and Classes for Schools

“As a principal and a parent of a fifth grader, I was grateful for the opportunity to provide the Turning Teen educational program to our school community-as well as to my own child! The Turning Teen presentation was informative, appropriate, and engaging for both students and parents. It provided parents and children a common language to talk about how young people change and grow as they turn into teenagers with clear information and authentic vocabulary. Additionally, the program teaches about privacy and safe touch, which are critical topics for families to discuss as children grow. Parents who attended shared their appreciation for not only the offering of this program, but for the outstanding way the information was presented. We are thankful that we found the Turning Teen presentations and are excited to continue to offering their courses for our school community!”

Jill Geden, Principal, Our Lady Queen of Martyrs

“Turning Teen is a hands-on program with a straightforward approach to puberty. Students and parents asked questions in judgment-free sessions, specifically geared to the distinct audiences–parents; elementary aged girls; middle school girls; and middle school boys. Dr. Leff has been an incredible resource for our students, teachers and parent body for several years and we know we will continue to reach out to her for her expertise, approachable nature, and ease in imparting valuable information.” 

Deena Sobel, School Counselor, Palm Beach Day Academy