Programs for Girls

Programs for Girls

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Turning Teen is here for #GirlMoms, #GirlDads, and any other trusted adult in a young person’s life. We know it can be hard to talk with a girl about puberty, sexual or mental health, and other issues relating to her body. After all, many of our parents found it hard, too. Some of us never learned how to discuss—without secrecy, embarrassment, or worse, shame—what it means to turn into a teen.

We can fix that. Turning Teen has the support and guidance you need. Interactive classes and workshops, offered in person or online, provide age-appropriate, medically accurate information in an engaging and fun setting.

Workshops and Classes for Girls

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Hey there!

Welcome to Turning Teen. It’s likely that someone who cares about you wanted you to check out this page and join one of our programs. That’s awesome because we can’t wait to tell you all about what we do!

Turning Teen was created by two moms who are also doctors, and our goal is to have open conversations about our bodies and how they change. Maybe your body is already developing, or maybe you haven’t noticed any changes. No matter what, we can help you feel a little more prepared for what is to come.

Ever wondered what will happen to you during puberty? Or wonder why your body has to change? Maybe you’re curious if puberty lasts forever or if it’s okay that your body looks different from your friends. Guess what? We answer all of these questions and so much more during our programs.

We promise our programs are not a bunch of boring science lessons. They’re actually inclusive, fun conversations. They can take place with a group of friends, online, or in the classroom. Here’s the best part—you don’t have to do anything special to get ready for Turning Teen. Just bring yourself, your awesome adult, and be ready to learn and have fun.

We can’t wait to meet you and take this journey together!

See you soon!

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Girl Scouts – you can earn a badge! Ask us about a program for your troop.