“Great class! Instructor guided the girls through their awkwardness of the topic and illustrations very professionally. My daughter had lots of questions on the ride back home. And she loves the STOP song!Taught her dad too 😀 ”

“Amazing program and highly recommend for parents and daughters who are pre-pubescent. Material was well presented, liked how they had the girls ask the questions to get used to saying certain words that might seem embarrassing. The demo materials were helpful too. This also helped parents talk to their girls about difficult topics. My daughter came home asking questions and talking about the session.”

“The information was presented in a perfect manner. The doctor was straightforward and presented it in a professional way that pre-teens could understand. My son was engaged and we both learned a lot. Keep up the great work! Highly recommend!!”

“Loved the program! the content was age appropriate and there was a very positive energy around all the topics. It was just interactive enough and I think was a great introduction to puberty. We will definitely be signing up for other programs. Thank you!”

“The program was absolutely wonderful. Even though my daughter and I had talked about puberty before this program it was the first time she was introduced to periods. (Mostly because I was unsure of how to approach it.) She has since asked a lot of questions and we have had some meaningful (and comfortable) conversations. She is already asking about when we can go to the next one.”

“I thought you ladies did a great job. My daughter was not happy about going (I didn’t give her a choice) –but then at lunch afterwards asked if we were going to do the next workshop about getting ready for her period. She said she wanted to learn more, which is what I had hoped for.”

“I like the fact that you made it fun for my daughter. I can also use the workshop as a reference point for when she does want to start having the conversation about puberty as time goes on.”

“As a principal and a parent of a fifth grader, I was grateful for the opportunity to provide the Turning Teen educational program to our school community-as well as to my own child! The Turning Teen presentation was informative, appropriate, and engaging for both students and parents. It provided parents and children a common language to talk about how young people change and grow as they turn into teenagers with clear information and authentic vocabulary. Additionally, the program teaches about privacy and safe touch, which are critical topics for families to discuss as children grow. Parents who attended shared their appreciation for not only the offering of this program, but for the outstanding way the information was presented. We are thankful that we found the Turning Teen presentations and are excited to continue to offering their courses for our school community!”

Jill Geden, Principal, Our Lady Queen of Martyrs
“Turning Teen is a hands-on program with a straightforward approach to puberty. Students and parents asked questions in judgment-free sessions, specifically geared to the distinct audiences–parents; elementary aged girls; middle school girls; and middle school boys. Dr. Leff has been an incredible resource for our students, teachers and parent body for several years and we know we will continue to reach out to her for her expertise, approachable nature, and ease in imparting valuable information.”

Deena Sobel, School Counselor, Palm Beach Day Academy

“My daughter is much more comfortable now that she knows what to expect with her period (whenever it starts) and feels prepared. I think the group settings of your talks have also helped her feel “not alone” or embarrassed to go through puberty, which hopefully will make it easier for her (and me :) ).”

“I’m so grateful for the Turning Teen programs. This has opened a line of communication between my daughter and myself that I did not have with my mom. Puberty has become a relatively comfortable topic of conversation in our house thanks to you!”