Planning a staycation? Here are some great ways to bond with your tween over spring break.


While family vacations can be a great source of bonding time, time together at home can also create memories that will last a lifetime. Looking for some new ideas to pass the time during Spring Break? Here are seven ideas to get your started:

Mother and Daughter

Mother Daughter Hugging


  1. Exercise together. This can give you a chance to talk  and accomplish something healthy all at the same time. Kids whose parents exercise are much more likely to exercise themselves as adults. Teaching good habits now can help your relationship and development of healthy habits. Exercise doesn’t have to mean going to the gym. Riding bikes, playing a round of tennis or even just going for a walk are all great forms of exercise for you and your family.
  2. Do a Puzzle or Play a Board Game together. The great thing about these types of activities is that they give your child a chance to talk to you without direct eye contact. Kids are way more likely to open up about their feelings when they have something else to concentrate on while they’re doing it.
  3. Relax with a movie! Pop some popcorn, plop on the couch, and just enjoy being together. Take turns picking out the movie. Your son might end up loving that old musical you used to watch and you might even find a new favorite in the latest sci-fi flick!
  4. Volunteer together. Doing something meaningful together can be a great bonding experience.
  5. Cook dinner together as a family. It won’t hurt to turn up the music and dance together in the kitchen, too! Let your child pick out a favorite, or even try something new. Children involved in cooking are much more likely to eat healthy meals.
  6. Pull out that Baby Book. (Or whatever pages you have of their Baby Book if you haven’t exactly kept up with theirs like me!) Kids love looking at pictures of themselves and hearing stories about what they were like when they were younger. While you’re at it, pull those home videos out of the closet, too!
  7. Treat them to a special outing with just you. A manicure, a yoga class or even a trip to their favorite store or restaurant can be a great bonding experience. Kids crave one on one time with their parents and this is a great way to make it fun for both of you.

What are your family’s favorite activities to do together during breaks?