It’s a bit like scooping out 2 servings of ice cream, and they are supposed to be the exact same size form the exact same scoop, but they are just a bit different. Sometimes things we think should be the same, are just different. Like our shoe size. Did you know most women have two different size feet? Two different size breasts?

The medical term for this is asymmetry (when things just aren’t mirror images of each other). And while we have lots of “matching” things in “2’s” in our body (2 arms, 2 ears, etc…) not all of them match perfectly.

Many girls often come into my office very concerned that their breasts are a different size.  This is very common, especially during puberty when things are gorwing and trying to figure out their final size. But ask any saleswoman in the Bra Department at a store – and they will agree most women have asymmetric breasts. I can hear your sigh of relief. It’s NORMAL. Some breasts are a different shape, or a different volume (size), or have their nipples not in the exact some place.  The vast majority of time there is nothing to be done.  On occasion, a difference in breast size that is extremely noticeable can be discussed with a plastic surgeon regarding possible correction.  

I’ll tell you this: If more women explored and studied all of their body parts – they would find their “other” parts (i.e. labial lips of their vulva) aren’t like matching socks either.

Dr. Lisa