Only about half of the states in the U.S. require public schools to teach sex ed. Unfortunately, often times the information is presented too late and with outdated resources. The course is often a brief interlude of gym class – not nearly enough time to address the magnitude and importance of the subject.

Do you know:

  1. Who is teaching that class in the school?
  2. What type of training is provided to prepare them to teach this class?
  3. What materials are being used to teach the class?
  4. What is the specific content of the class?
  5. What are your state’s restrictions on providing information about controversial areas such as contraception?
  6. Does the information resonate with your child so it will sink in?

You may not know the answers to most of the above questions, and that is OK. Every school and district is different. The point of Turning Teen is to help to guide your child through puberty with you at their side, and not worry if enough is being done elsewhere. We will help you start the conversation so that you can continue it at home.