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Turning Teen has officially been in business just over one month, and the response has been overwhelming.  Dr. Lisa and I set out on this journey nine months ago, and have truly enjoyed sharing our “passion for puberty”.  We discussed, researched, dreamed, and created a program we are proud of.  We imagined a workshop where mom’s sat next to their daughters, and learned and laughed together while learning about their bodies. We set out to accomplish a goal, to start SOMETHING from NOTHING, and we have achieved it.

Over the past couple months, we have held 8 workshops and enrolled over 50 girls (and their mothers) in our programs.  The girls have ranged in age from 7-11 years old.  Some girls were excited to come to the program, but there were plenty who would have rather gotten their flu shot.  Some moms had already started discussions with their daughters about puberty, and some had not.  Regardless of their differences coming into the program, they ALL left feeling comfortable, more confident, and with a much greater understanding of their bodies.  

Our most favorite feedback?  When moms let us know that since the workshop, they have had continued conversations with their daughters – often initiated by their child that craves for more information and is now comfortable asking.  Dr. Lisa and I feel like it’s one of the greatest gifts we could possibly give another mother – the gift of communication, honesty, and ability to talk about subjects that were once hard to tackle.