School Letter

So the dreaded letter from school arrives in the mail.  It is a warning you that your child will soon be learning about puberty in school.  

What will the letter say?  ?

  • The girls and boys will be separated to learn about puberty.
  • As a parent, you have the ability to preview the puberty video if you come to the office and request a viewing.  (How many people actually take the time to do this???)
  • You have the right to excuse your child from this lesson (Please don’t do this!)

So what should you do?  ?

  • Talk to your child FIRST. Don’t let school, their friends, or the internet be your child’s first teacher on this topic.
  • Seek help if you need help talking about puberty.  Use a book, ask your doctor, or simply sign up for Turning Teen. :)  As pediatricians, Dr. Carrie and I talk about puberty every single day – so take advantage and learn from the experts!

So how does a mom and daughter that has been to Turning Teen react to this letter?!?! ?

  • With a big smile. And a lot less worrying and scrambling because Turning Teen graduates are comfortable, knowledgeable and body literate.