Hey Dude!

We heard you are going to be coming to a Turning Teen Program! We hope you are excited about learning about your body…but chances are you are a little nervous and feel awkward talking about puberty.  You are not alone!!

Turning Teen is a program started by 2 pediatricians to help kids like you feel more comfortable talking about their bodies and how they change.  Now you may be thinking — “we already do this at school!!!”  This is nothing like the school version, it’s fun and interactive and done with one of your awesome parents right by your side.


Have you ever wondered:

  • What will happen to me during puberty?
  • Why does my body have to change?
  • Will puberty last my whole life?
  • Is it ok that my body looks different from my friends?
  • Why have I been so moody?
  • Who should I talk to when I have questions about my body?

We answer these questions and so much more during our programs.  And bring your own questions…we answer ANYTHING, anonymously!


So, how should you get ready for Turning Teen?

Here’s the best part…you don’t have to do anything to prepare.  Just bring yourself and your amazing parent and be ready to learn and have fun.

Can’t wait to meet you!

Dr. Carrie and Dr. Lisa