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The Big Break Up

There’s a lot of changes that happen during those tween years - which involve a lot of challenges for parents. I think one of the most painful parts of parenting is “The Break Up.” And I’m not referring to the [...]

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“So mom, you have only had sex twice, right?”

  Actual (verbatim) conversation between me (Dr. Lisa) and my 10 year old. So mom, you have only had sex twice, right? Why do you want to know that? Well, you only have two kids.  So that means you have [...]

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Metro Parent Magazine Features Turning Teen Talking about Puberty

Metro Parent Magazine Features Turning Teen Helping Moms and Daughters Talk about Puberty :) Looking forward to having new girls at our workshops thanks to the help of Metro Parent spreading the word! http://www.metroparent.com/metro-parent-magazine/m-parenting/m-tweens-teens/turning-teen-program-helps-moms-daughters-talk-puberty/

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In the News (yep…on TV!)

Thank you to WDIV Channel 4 Detroit and Paula Tutman for featuring Turning Teen!  We had a blast! And love spreading the word that we are here to help moms help their daughters!!!!  http://www.clickondetroit.com/lifestyle/program-helps-moms-daughters-who-have-puberty-questions   What a fabulous group [...]

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